In Case You Missed the Webinar for Law Firms…


Did you miss the Mandelman Matters Webinar last Friday?

If so, you can still download a recorded copy here…

If you’re in the business of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure, modify mortgages, or otherwise make the best out of a terrible situation, then missing this Webinar was a long way from being the best thing that could have happened.  I know… it costs $195 to watch it, but I promise that everyone gets a great deal more than their money’s worth.  Otherwise, why would I offer it… let alone charge for it?

Everyone who attended… almost 50 lawyers and other professionals… all said they would be implementing the tactics and strategy presented during the Webinar immediately, so that should tell you something about the value being delivered and received.  Like I said, this isn’t just some normal everyday Webinar.  And I need more firms to watch it as soon as possible because it will transform the industry as a whole… it can change just about everything that’s happening today for the better.

I absolutely assure you that you will not be seeing or hearing anything you’ve seen or heard before. It’s original thinking from Mandelman Matters, and it’s based on a year of in-depth research into everything related to the foreclosure crisis and loan modifications.

I’m offering Webinar because I couldn’t think of another way to reach law firms and others across the country, who are dedicated to assisting homeowners remain in their homes if at all possible.  If I could get everyone in a room for an hour or two I would… but I can’t so this seemed like the only way to get the information out.

And just so you know, this is not just a freebie, Go-to-Meeting Webinar.  The company we chose is the premier provider of such events.  They did a fabulous job and, although they are expensive, we’ll be using them again.

Okay, that’s about all the selling I can do, I figure.  If that didn’t do it, and you decide not to download the Webinar… well, at least I will have tried my best to persuade you to do so.

For more information on the Webinar, click the blue information icon below…


Or, if I’ve convinced you and you’re ready to download your Webinar, click the icon below with the house in it that says “Order Now”.


Watch for These Important Webinars Coming Soon:

1. SB 94: Success Without an Upfront Fee

Pricing and Dividing up Legal Services, Using the New Law in Your Marketing, Ancillary Revenue Opportunities, Where Firms Struggled in First 90 Days

2. Marketing Loan Modification Services at Law Firms – December

Effective Marketing & the Lifetime Value of a Client, Comparing Mediums, Marketing a Knowledge Based Relationship, Mastering Referrals.

3. Commercial Loan Modifications – Market Insight & Challenges

There’s been a lot of talk about this marketplace, but is it right for you?  Does your firm have the proper skill set to succeed in commercial property loan mods?

4. The Future of the Modification Marketplace – Including:

The Latest Court Decisions, Legislative Proposals, Trends & Enforcement Actions, the Changing Face of the Customer, and What’s Next.

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