SPOTLIGHT ON LAS VEGAS: Paladin Legal Advocacy Center

Paladin Legal Advocacy Center is a law firm founded by attorneys Zachary Roberts and Rory Vohwinkle, both of whom have impressive backgrounds in various aspects of real estate law.

Zach has been directly involved with banks and institutional lenders related to the origination and refinancing of hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial real estate loans.  Rory has represented large commercial real estate development companies in purchase and sale negotiations, landlord/tenant issues, and general real estate disputes, but he has also represented lenders, such as Bank of America, in secured financing transactions.

Zach is recognized as an outspoken homeowner advocate, dedicated to protecting homeowner rights.  Zach is a recognized speaker lecturing on such topics as predatory lending practices, and provides continuing education programs for attorneys and tax advisors.  Rory and Zach decided to co-found Paladin Legal Advocacy Center in order to prevent foreclosures, provide professional assistance to homeowners seeking loan modifications, and to combat the ubiquitous predatory lending practices of lenders and mortgage servicers.

And after reading all of that, I would think that it’s safe to conclude that  these two attorneys know what they’re doing when it comes to helping distressed homeowners make the best of a bad situation.  Zach points out that although in many instances a loan modification is the best course of action for a given homeowner, others may be better off with short sales, which is where the lender or servicer agrees to let the home sell for less than is owed.  There are lots of options available to homeowners in financial trouble today, and the most important point, according to both Zach and Rory, is that foreclosure is never the right choice.


I’ve known Zach for quite some time now.  Not only did I “surprise” visit his offices one day when vacationing in Las Vegas over a long weekend, but I’ve literally spent I don’t even know how many hours talking with him on the phone as I was getting my education on what was happening related to loan modifications.  Zach’s super smart and he was a great teacher.

For a few months this past year, I’d learn things during the day and then call Zach in the evening to run things by him to see if I had things right.  And even if it was 9:00 PM, he was always very patient and willing to help.  And that makes him both a smart guy and a good guy.

I’ve also had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Rory, and although I can’t say I know him as well as I know Zach, I liked him very much as well.  He’s also very smart, and you’ll realize that within the first few minutes of talking with him.

Paladin also has a third attorney on staff, Nicholas Sullo, who is also an experienced real estate attorney.  Nick is from Chicago so I figure he always looks happy because he’s in Las Vegas and it’s not snowing.  Seriously though, while he was practicing in Chicago, he was involved in 1300 real estate transactions, so that’s a lot.

I’d recommend you speak with Paladin Legal Advocacy Center if you’re in Nevada and need advice on anything having to do with real estate… including loan modifications, but absolutely anything else too.  When I have a question about loan modifications, foreclosures, and even mortgages, I call them, why shouldn’t you?

Paladin Legal Advocacy Center

9980 W. Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, NV 89147


Or visit them online, it’s a great site by the way, at:

Tell either Zach or Rory that I said hello, seriously, tell them.

And if you happen to speak with Nick,

ask him how he likes the weather

and watch him light up like a sunflower.

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