SPOTLIGHT ON ARIZONA FIRM: Real Estate Consulting Services

Real Estate Consulting Services (REC) is the Glendale Arizona firm where you’ll find Mark Archer and Donna Gribben.  I’ve known these two for over six months now, I talk with them all the time, and never miss having dinner with them when I’m in the Phoenix area.

Mark’s been in the real estate industry for years as an investor and licensed agent and Donna has a background in banking and venture capital.  If I was trying to get my own mortgage modified in Arizona, I’d call them for sure.  Here’s why:

  1. They’re really good people.  I know, you probably thought that I was going to say something about their level of expertise or how effective they are… but that would be besides the point, I think.  Mark and Donna are as straight as straight can be, and that’s important today when it comes to choosing someone to help you get your mortgage modified.
  2. They truly care about their clients.  No question about it.  These two don’t just take on clients, they help new friends.  I can’t imagine anyone not becoming friends with these two.  And they truly care about every homeowner they work to help… a lot, actually.
  3. They’re tough and they’re smart.  Mark Archer is not someone that gets pushed around by lenders or servicers.  And Donna knows all of the rules and regulations that the banks are supposed to follow, so together they make a very effective team.
  4. REC is an Authorized Affiliate of a national company called PCAG, which is a group of attorneys who will support and aggressively negotiate on your behalf.  In addition, REC has relationships with Arizona attorneys that can litigate or facilitate bankruptcy filings, when that’s the best option.

All in all, I wanted to list REC because I’ve heard from quite a few people that its become hard to tell who you can trust in the Phoenix area, and when you need a loan modification, the last thing you need is to worry about getting ripped off. And in my opinion, there’s no way Mark Archer or Donna Gribben have ever or would ever take a dime from anyone they didn’t earn.

But I don’t have to sell these two… you’ll see what they’re like within five minutes of talking to them… Call them and see for yourself… And for sure tell them I said hi.

Real Estate Consulting Services

7942 West Bell Road

Glendale, AZ  85308

Ph. 623-444-4498

You can also visit them online at:

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