Feldman Law Center Goes Above and Beyond the Call

I don’t write a story every time a law firm saves someone’s home from going into foreclosure.  Frankly, if I did, it’s all I’d ever have time to write about.  Once in a while, however, a firm does something that deserves special recognition and this time it’s Feldman Law Center in Mission Viejo.

First of all my disclaimer… I know attorney Steve Feldman and I like him.  I’ve spent time at his firm watching how it operates and I’ve been impressed.  I also list his firm on my Trusted Firm list on my site.  But, what he accomplished on behalf of a homeowner in his seventies who got caught in the problems caused by the FTC’s closure of Lucas Law Center is truly remarkable.

When the client walked into Feldman’s law offices with his documents in hand, Steve had been told that the man had a sale date that was two days away, but very quickly found that the sale date was that same day.  And as if that wasn’t bad enough, when he called the bank to get some details, he learned the situation was significantly worse.  The man’s home had already been sold.

According to Steve Feldman: “It took my breath away for a moment, I have to tell you.  This man is in his seventies and had nowhere to go if his home had been lost.  When they said it had been sold that day, all I could think of was ‘no way, not going to happen’… we had to get it back… and we did.  And I don’t mind admitting… it’s days like that day that make my job seem like the best one in the world.  I mean, how many people get the chance to accomplish something like that?  It was truly wonderful to see the look on the client’s face.”

Feldman Law Center is located off the 5 Freeway at the Crown Valley Parkway exit in Mission Viejo.  One of the most successful law firms handling loan modifications, among other services, in the Southland, Feldman completes roughly 150-200 loan modifications each month, handles debt settlement as well, and offers attorneys who handle bankruptcy when needed.

“We’ve got one heck of a team here, and I’m quite proud of what we accomplish every day,” Steve told me.  “I mean, this one was pretty incredible… if the client had come in one day later, we might not have been successful.  But thank God we were… that’s all I can say.”

Feldman credits much of his firm’s success on their investment in systems and careful monitoring of processes.  “We’ve invested well into the six figures to build proprietary systems that help us gauge whether a given client is likely to be approved for a loan modification by their lender.  That way, we know where we’re going right from the start, and it makes our success ratio among the highest in the field, I would think.”

The FTC served Lucas Law with a Temporary Restraining Order roughly three weeks ago, and attorney Paul Lucas has been prevented from handling any of the files in his office until a hearing set for August 3, 2009.  Attorney Paul Lucas maintains that his firm has done nothing wrong and expects to be vindicated at the upcoming hearing in Federal Court in Orange County.  Lucas Law reports having completed over 500 modifications over the last 13 months and says the FTC’s allegations are unfounded.

“I hope Paul comes through this okay,” Steve said.  “I don’t know enough about the specifics of the situation, nor do I know Paul very well, but I do know that many firms in this field are being unfairly maligned by the government in many instances.  We’re trying to save homes here… that’s all.  Why people should think anything but positive things about this area of the law is beyond me.  It’s shocking, actually.”

Well, I for one say: Bravo!  After hearing about 1.5 million people who lost their homes in the first six months of this year, it’s nice to hear a positive story for a change.

For more information on Feldman Law Center, you can click on the Trusted Firm tab on Mandelman Matters, or you call them directly at: 800-527-8497.

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