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Harvey Garte is the CEO of this Department of Real Estate regulated firm in Orange county, and I can tell you without reservation, he’ll tell you the truth and he’ll stand behind what he says.  There is no question in my mind about that.  On the other side of the coin, if you’re looking for someone to sugarcoat the situation, I’d have to say that this firm isn’t for you.

Harvey only communicates one way: straight and blunt.  He doesn’t play around.  If he says he can help you, he can.

This is not a law firm.  Mortgage Restructuring Solutions is regulated by the California Department of Real Estate, and it’s 100% in compliance with all regulations.  The firm uses an approved “advance fee agreement,” so you don’t have to give that issue another thought.

Here’s what the firm says about itself on its Website:

Our sole objective is to get your lender(s) to grant you a loan modification(s) that will lower your monthly payments, whereby you will be able to keep your home.

We are experienced real estate finance professionals.  Our services have never been needed as much as they are now.  Throughout America, thousands of homeowners are facing the prospect of losing their home to foreclosure or of being forced to sell their home because they can’t afford their mortgage.  We can help you prevent this from happening to you.

See what I mean?  I think that says it all, don’t you?  Nothing flowery about it.  I like that.

Obviously, I like Harvey Garte a lot.  He’s like an uncle of mine that always tells me when I have something stuck in my teeth, or that my hair is sticking up.  And if you ask me, I think we need more like him.

You can reach Mortgage Restructuring Solutions by calling:

Toll-Free: 888 688-4188

Office: 714 542-2800

Call the toll-free number, even if you’re local… he’ll love that.  And tell him I told you to call.  I’m not sure it will help in any way, but like the man said… it couldn’t hurt.

Harvey Garte

Chief Executive Officer

Mortgage Restructuring Solutions, Inc.

3100 S. Harbor Blvd., Suite 190

Santa Ana, CA 92704

Toll-free 888 688-4188

Office: 714 542-2800

Fax 949 631-7406

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