July’s Issue of The Niche Report… Bringing Up the Rear: FDIC Chair Sheila Bair

In case you don’t already know, I wrote the cover story for the May issue of The Niche Report magazine, titled “Pigs, Puppets & People in Peril – The Administration’s Curious Case Against Loan Modification Firms”.  And it was really popular.  REALLY, REALLY POPULAR.  In fact, for those in the loan modification field… it was basically Disneyland meets Law & Order.

As a result, the magazine decided that I should write four more cover stories this calendar year… and it should go without saying that I, of course, concurred.  And in addition, they asked me to write a monthly column, which I decided to call: Bringing Up the Rear, so that each month I could bring up a new REAR… the first month’s rear was Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve.

And this month… the REAR in question is FDIC Chair Sheila Bair.

The July issue will be out in a day or two, but the magazine sent me a link to the Sheila Bair as the REAR of the Month, and I thought I’d provide it here on my column, so that those of you who have not yet subscribed to The Niche Report… why, I do not know… could get a feel for what my monthly column will be like in the months ahead.  The link is below… and I hope you enjoy it… a lot.

Oh, and by the way… I also wrote the cover story for the July issue of The Niche Report… the one that’s coming out in a day or two.  Just look for the giant cartoon pig of a banker on the cover.  The title is: “Cuomo’s Crossing: An Outsider’s Appraisal of the NEW HVCC Rules.”  If you’re not a subscriber and want a copy send me an email and I’ll make sure you get one.

If you know an appraiser, it makes a lovely gift… perfect for any occasion… just thinking out loud over here.

But I forgot the best part… you can subscribe to The Niche Report… FREE!  Woohoo!  And I’m not talking Obama-FREE, I’m talking about free… like without cost.  And then you’ll never have to miss another cover story of mine, and you’ll know who the REAR of the month is… and you wouldn’t want to get caught with your pants down on something like that.

Bringing UP the REAR with FDIC Chair Sheila Bair…

Destroying Home Equity, One Neighborhood at a Time.

And, in case I convinced you that The Niche Report is really something you should not miss… by the way the rest of the magazine is great too… click here and get to subscribing…


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