SPOTLIGHT ON: Peerally Law Group

Shah Peerally, the founder and managing attorney of Peerally Law Group, is well known as a passionate and dedicated advocate for the people in the communities that surround Silicon Valley in Northern California. Shah regularly participates in lectures and free legal clinics around town and he’s received commendations from the state House Majority Leader and state Congresswoman for his dedication and excellence. No small accomplishment by any means.  He and I got along like old friends immediately.

I’ve gotten to know Shah over several weeks, often through phone conversations that last until midnight, and there’s no question in my mind that it’s Shah’s passion and spirit of leadership that has enabled his entire team to become known for their dedication, as they vehemently argue against unfair or abusive lending practices.  They are also a firm that will go after a company that didn’t deliver as promised for any one of his clients, and he’s as tenacious an individual as I could imagine.

Shah is originally from the island of Mauritius, and if you have no idea where that is… then you and I are about even when it comes to geography.  I’m sure he’s been here a long time though, because he knows his way around our legal and banking systems as well as anyone.

But most of all I like Shah’s ethics, integrity and the way he communicates.  He is straight forward, but he’s obviously truly caring, and you can tell him anything… I can’t imagine him being judgmental under any circumstances. Talk to him for 5 minutes and you’ll know what I mean.  I mean, he and I had only know each other a couple of days and we were chatting on Facebook and I was looking at some pictures of his home on the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen.  I’m serious.

The other thing I can tell you is that Shah loves being an attorney, and that’s not something you see everyday, let me tell you.  Not that other lawyers are miserable, but it’s just that Shah is particularly happy and I think fulfilled by his practice of the law… and that makes him exceptional.

Specific to loan modifications, their website proudly claims:

“We are dedicated to providing clients with highly skilled and efficient legal services in preparation of loan modification packages and bank negotiations. Our dedication and compassion have earned us a trustworthy position in the community.”

Shah Peerally and his firm appear to be nothing if not supporters and champions of the people.  Here is how they describe Peerally Law Group’s method of treating clients, and I have no trouble saying that I am impressed.

‘We compassionately and zealously serve our clients. Our attorneys are experienced in helping our clients regain financial health… each and every client is treated with dignity and respect no matter how serious their personal situation.

The contact information for the Peerally team is:

Shah Peerally Law Group PC

37602 Central Ct., Ste. 202

Newark, CA 94560

(510) 742-5887

Please tell Shah or Shakeel that I said hello.  And ask him to show you pictures of where he’s from originally.  It’s an island called Mauritius and it may just be the prettiest place on the planet.

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