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The Litchney Law Firm wants homeowners at risk of losing their homes to know that they’re not the only ones faced with such a serious and unexpected life-changing dilemma. The firm prides itself on being approachable and easy to talk to, and there’s no question that they’re ready and able to address the needs of their clients. They have, as the saying goes, been there and done that many times before. Here’s some insight into their thinking:

“… you are NOT ALONE, and you should not feel guilty for contemplating walking away from your home, your sanctuary that has now turned into a nightmare… We have been there; we are not immune to the same real estate problems that are plaguing millions; the adjusting mortgage, the home with no equity, the bad loan. Everyone is looking for the best solution to their problem; their problem of throwing good money at a bad problem… sometimes the answer is to walk away, but it is not always without repercussions.

It is not pictures of happy families just walking away from debt worry free, there can be consequences… we can inform you of these consequences and allow you to make an educated decision on how to handle your own situation.”

This firm’s goal is for their clients to regain their peace of mind and to understand that, with speed and the right legal team, the glooming risk of foreclosure is a problem that can be resolved. Their advice, “If you want to keep your home the most important factors in stopping foreclosure is acting fast and working with the right team of people.

And they have, without a doubt, put together one of the “right teams” of people. Led by founding attorney and CEO, Sarah Litchney, Esq, a native Californian, who during her studies at an Ivy League university received high marks and was the recipient of many distinguishing awards and scholarships.

While attending the esteemed University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, she was the recipient of the Dean’s Merit Scholarship and the American Bar Associations Intellectual Property award for academic excellence. The Litchney Law Firm attorneys, with over fifty years of combined legal experience across a comprehensive range of practice areas, handle deals and cases of all sizes and complexities. A team that is highly educated, as well as friendly — a real plus to a client in need.

And as if that weren’t enough, in terms of results, The Litchney Law Firm offers proof on their website in the form of an updated list of their successful settlements. The site continously shows roughly 10 current examples of successful real life loan modifications with original paperwork (the names and other proprietary information is blacked out, of course).

The firm feels that presenting this proof on their website helps their clients and potential clients understand that no matter who the lender, or how much debt, they are ready to go to work and effectively negotiate to either save a home with an affordable plan or walk away from it with no liability.

They warn: “Don’t wait any longer, it will only get worse.”

Their main address and other info:

2365 Iron Point Road, Suite

Folsom, CA 95630



Other California office locations:




Elk Grove


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