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According to Feldman Law’s Website:

The Feldman Law Center was founded by Steven C. Feldman who has been licensed by the State Bar of California for over 25 years. The firm is an advocate for consumers and homeowners  who are concerned about protecting their homes. The Law Offices were established to focus on real estate matters that include debt negotiation, predatory lending violations and settlements. Their primary mission is to provide our clients with proper legal advice and share our knowledge and expertise in the areas of real estate transactions, mortgage negotiations, loan modifications and debt settlement.

They are there to help stop foreclosures and fight mortgage fraud. In addition, they’re committed to assisting in mitigating losses in the hard hit financial sector and restore stability to our banking industry. With state of the art technology and a very professional staff Feldman Law has the experience necessary to achieve the most dynamic resolutions available and help stop foreclosure in this troubled market, fast and effectively.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Steve Feldman and many of the others in his firm.  In fact, on several occasions I’ve spent the entire afternoon there and was able to really get a sense of how the people and the firm operates.  This is the kind of firm where a real person answers the phone and I like that a lot.

One of the things that impressed me was their system for talking to and accepting new clients… it’s all automated and networked throughout various departments, so files move efficiently from one department to another.  This is no amateur operation, I’ll tell you that.  I asked how much the firm invested in their technology (they have a programmer on staff, and on-site) and we’re talking something in the many tens of thousands range.

The other thing that impressed me about Feldman Law Center is attorney Steve Feldman himself.  I have to admit here that Steve is my kind of attorney in that he’s no kid.  (Sorry, Steve.)  I’m not saying that younger lawyers aren’t just as good or maybe even better in some situations, but I like someone my own age that’s been around the block at least once.  Don’t get me wrong, Steve’s probably only a year or two older than I am (I’m about to turn 48).  But, he’s confident and that kind of confidence comes from experience.

I also believe that Steve is a very ethical attorney and honorable person.  While I was there he showed me the three complaints that had been filed by clients of the firm… I believe two had received loan modifications, and one had been refunded their money.  They’ve helped thousands of homeowners, so three complaints aren’t that big a deal.  But he was very concerned about each one.  Very concerned.

The thing to remember is that the firm uses their new client system to screen every new client, so if they take your case, it’s because they think they can help in a meaningful way.  They do charge a retainer to take your case, but they also offer to return a significant portion of that retainer should they be unable to persuade your lender to be reasonable.

Every homeowner should understand… the banks are rarely easy to deal with and no one can know what they’re going to do until they do it.  Still, I think hiring an expert helps, and I would think that hiring an expert like Steve Feldman would certainly produce a better outcome than I could do myself.  But that’s just me…

You can contact Feldman Law Center at 800-527-8497.

And their offices are in South Orange County, right off the 5 Freeway and very easy to find.

27201 Puerta Real #200
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Tell Steve I said hello… and ask him whatever questions you have on your mind.

He’s the kind of guy who will help you in any way he can.

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