Bank of America’s SVP Eric Tellijohann Provides an Advance Update on the National Mortgage Settlement Progress

Bank of America’s Senior Vice President Eric Tellijohann is the bank’s executive in charge of implementing the National Mortgage Settlement.  In this regard his specific title is “Credit Loss Mitigation Strategy Executive.”

Eric is a very bright and dedicated executive who’s been with the bank for about 16 years, if memory serves and he’s absolutely focused on fulfilling the bank’s commitment under the terms of the settlement.

He’s also very candid about what’s happening at Bank of America and on this podcast he talks about where the bank is excelling and where they still have room to improve.  If you want to know what’s going on inside BOA as of the end of the second quarter of the National Mortgage Settlement… here’s your chance to hear it straight from the source.

And you won’t find it anywhere else like you’ll find it here… in advance of the monitor’s report… on this Mandelman Matters Special Newscast with Bank of America’s Eric Tellijohann.

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  1. Gulfresident says

    I do believe that BoA has a genuine interest in helping homeowner to avoid foreclosure when they own the mortgage, too. It's in their best interest as well.

    However, if BoA is only the servicer for Freddie or Fannie (which is mostly the case) they can rake in much more money when the loan is in foreclosure - don't expect them to help you then: they will do what they can to push you over the cliff without mercy.

    I have lost trust in the whole greedy industry that creates nothing but wants bailout when their gambles won't pay. Too bad I have to deal with these suckers for the rest of my life.

  2. lanik says

    What's up with your sudden love of BofA Martin?
    Perhaps you should watch the above mentioned Independent Lens.
    BofA/Merrill Lynch is one of the main conduits for money flowing to the top.
    When I asked you for help with B of A you said you would and then dropped off the planet. Nathan Franzen called you regarding our case and then said you didn't return his calls either. Now you are all warm and fuzzy about BofA? What because they gave you a car loan? Right.

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