Max Gardner & Nye Lavalle Together in Concert – A Mandelman Matters Podcast


It’s almost been 15 years since Max Gardner and Nye Lavalle met at a conference sponsored by National Consumer Law Center that was held in Colorado, and quickly found themselves viewed as, well… heretics might be the right word.  The two became fast friends based on their shared views related to the mortgage servicing industry… and I think both knew that one plus one was about to equal eleven.

Nye was a successful sports marketer and entrepreneur, credited with correctly predicting that Nascar and figure skating would draw huge crowds back in the 1990s, but after being forced to contend with his own mortgage mess, he focused on learning everything about the mortgage industry.  As Gretchen Morgenson said in her article about Nye that appeared recently in the New York Times“In hindsight, the problems he found look like a blueprint of today’s foreclosure crisis.”

It’s hard to imagine two people more tenacious that Nye and Max.  Nye became a shareholder  in Fannie and stayed on Fannie’s case for two years until finally the GSE hired a DC law firm to investigate his claims.  The 147-page report that resulted from that investigation verified that Nye’s suspicions were correct.

Having Nye Lavalle and Max Gardner together is a rare event.  Together, they would have to be considered the founding fathers of today’s foreclosure defense movement, so this is an opportunity to learn how it all began and where two of the country’s leading experts see things going from here.  Turn up your speakers because it’s time for a very special 2-part Mandelman Matters Podcast… Nye Lavalle & Max Gardner Together in Concert.

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  1. DolleyMadison says

    This is all well and good except that Max, and in fact most attorneys, will only rep you if you agree to file bankruptcy - so folks who are debt free and have never missed a payment - common in servicer-manufactured defaults as described by Nye - are out of luck. I had the exact same situation as Nye described and it took months to find a willing lawyer. Max needs to quit basking in the glow and actually help victims of this scam.

  2. Gulfresident says

    @DolleyMadison: hey - how DID you end up finding an attorney?

    I am in the same boat, too. Not bankrupt or in foreclosure, but have been robo-signed last month (even have affidavit). A title search shows BoA as lender, but BoA sent letter that Freddie is the owner. If they don't finish (they have started) giving me the information I requested (including the note) by QWR, I wil sue them per se. I would much rather have an attorney but they have no idea what I am talking about. Are many real estate attorneys "in it" because they don't want to loose all the short sales or do they have no clue about what's going on???
    My County Clerks office had never heard of robo-signing!

    No lawyers here, either :(

  3. Lynn Garrison says


    You've had many spectacular pod casts in the past but these two were the best!

    As discussed in the podcast, there is such a need to educate our elected officials (among many) on the information you and others of your ilk have provided to us over the years. Where to begin is the question. I'm hoping you can provide the answer.

    Here's what I'd like to propose:

    A consolidated mini-talking points paper that would provide enough information to give to any representative (of any state) or other interested party that could spark their interest/curiosity without overwhelming them. Web links from respected sources for them to verify the information provided.

    I need something to send to the powers-that-be in my area to give them a call-to-arms about this financial crisis with ideas that can work at every level of government. These folks will only give me a 15 minute window of opportunity to explain some of the issues that could resolve our local foreclosure crisis before they gently escort me out of their offices.

    I love the potential of eminent domain but how can I possibly get these folks from a position of "It's out of my hands; it's a federal issue." to "This has possibilities, I'd like to hear more."

    I don't think I'm alone in that I want so desperately to get the messages out but at a loss as to how to approach the subject matter so I don't lose them at "Hello". I can get an assistant to read a couple of pages of text and then allow for questions and elaborate adequately enough on my own but I'm not so knowledgeable as to how to approach this huge issue succinctly enough to grab their attention and hold it to get results.

    Any assistance you might be able to provide would surely be appreciated, Martin.

  4. possum says

    As I have mentioned before Martin, the problem is psychopathy.
    As long as there are conscienceless beings running things they will causing pain and suffering on humanity as a whole.
    Psychopathy needs to be studied and people need to be educated about pathological individuals. This is fundamental to solving problems in this world.
    Without an accurate understanding of reality - including psychopathy - the cycle will continue.

    Snakes in Suits by Hare and Babiak is a good book on the subject of the corporate psychopath.

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