A Hundred Thousand Homeowners – Voices of Hope & Change


The foreclosure  crisis MUST be stopped.  And it would have been months ago… if America’s homeowners had a VOICE in Washington…

Next year is a very important election year.  NOW is the time for the VOICE of America’s homeowners to be heard.


EVERY member of Congress…EVERY major newspaper, radio station and television news channel… The White House… EVERY major bank CEO’s office… EVERY nonprofit housing agency… the Internet… EVERY Governor’s desk… what if they ALL received a 22 minute DOCUMENTARY from America’s homeowners that told the story of what’s really happening in the neighborhoods of this country as the foreclosure crisis continues to grow and spread?

I’m not talking about some amateur home video here…

I’m talking about a broadcast quality program that opened with President Obama’s speech last February introducing the Making Home Affordable program, and then showed the realities of today.  What it’s really like to deal with banks.  The human tragedy that too many don’t understand, because they can’t see it… yet.

What do you think Congress would do in this… an election year?

Ignore it?  I think not.

What do you think would happen when millions of Americans who have lost their homes to foreclosure saw what had been accomplished by “A Hundred Thousand Homeowners”?  How many more would want to join the group… add to the VOICE.

There is no stronger or more outspoken advocate for homeowners in this country than Mandelman Matters and we want to help carry the VOICE of homeowners to the politicians on both sides of the aisle, to the bankers and mortgage servicers, to the media, and to the nation as a whole… through “A Hundred Thousand Homeowners – Voices of Hope & Change”.


In addition to being available on the Internet, the documentary, will be distributed on DVD, wrapped in BRIGHT YELLOW “A Hundred Thousand Homeowners” packaging.  It will be IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE, the VOICE of homeowners will be heard.


A. We want Congress to act to strengthen the HAMP program by adding hard and fast rules under which banks MUST write down a mortgage.  The program is funded by tax dollars and is NOT WORKING on a voluntary basis. Here’s how banks view loan modifications.

B. We want the Treasury Department or Congress to impose penalties on lenders and servicers who break the rules under HAMP.  Here’s what a judge said about HAMP rules.

C. We want Congress to allow judges to modify mortgages in bankruptcy court, just like what President Obama spoke of in his speech introducing the program that would allow for judicial loan modifications.  The threat alone wold motivate banks to do it themselves. My article on the subject: WE NEED JUDGES TO MODIFY THE WAY BANKS BEHAVE.

D. We want HAMP to require principal reductions under appropriate circumstances.  It’s not fair for banks to be able to foreclose on a home and then sell it to a new buyer for half the balance on the mortgage just to get it off of their books.  FDIC’s SHEILA BAIR  AGREES: Read About What She Says Here.

E. Congress must remove incentives that banks have to foreclose. Read Diane Thompson’s testimony in front of the senate.

We need everyone’s help to make this happen, and it’s far too important to be allowed to fail.  People ask me all the time how they can help.  Well, here’s how.  Together we can be heard… together we will make a difference.


The Documentary: A Hundred Thousand Homeowners

A Hundred Thousand Homeowners will open with President Obama’s speech introducing his Making Home Affordable program, which was to help millions, but has fallen far short of its goals.  It will include interviews with real homeowners… unscripted… as they share what they’ve been forced to endure trying to save, or losing their homes.


A Hundred Thousand Homeowners – A wake-up call in Washington.

It will send the very clear message that doing nothing is not an option… that favoring the banks over the American people, at a time like this, can only result in being voted out of office.   The VOICE of A Hundred Thousand Homeowners will echo through the halls of our Congress and into the Oval Office.


A Virtual March on Washington…

Everyone can join this virtual march on Washington but there is a cost to participate:


That’s “one dollar,” just so everyone’s clear about this.

By contributing one dollar, you’re name will be listed as one of the 100,000 voices… or kept anonymous, if you’d prefer it that way.

By contributing $1.00, you’ll be supporting something important… something that will be heard… something that will make a difference, because when politicians see that 100,000 people have taken the time to support something by sending in $1, they’ll know that behind those 100,000 are many more who feel the same way.


Of course, you can decide to send more… you could send $5, or $10, or even $20 in support of the project.

BUT  PLEASE DON’T SEND $50 or $100.

Several homeowners have sent in $50 and $100 contributions.  And although we very much appreciate their support, we’d much prefer $1 and 99 other homeowners.  What we need to make it happen is just $1. from 100,000 people who want their VOICE to be heard.

Please take the time to send in your $1. today. Time is of the essence, and it’s not easy to get 100,000 people to do anything.  So, please send your dollar today and most importantly help spread the word by asking others to do the same.  We plan to have the documentary program completed and distributed by Valentine’s Day, but we can’t do it without everyone’s support.

You can send your dollar in one of three ways:

1. Via credit card and Pay Pal by clicking on the “Contribute to the Cause” button, which you’ll find at the top right of the Mandelman Matters site.

Contribute to the Cause

2. Or you can mail your check or one dollar bill to:

A Hundred Thousand Homeowners

1472 Marelen Drive

Fullerton, CA 92835

# # #

Send us your video message about your bank and we’ll post it on the new site: www.ahundredthousandhomeowners.com.

# # #

Performance Guarantee:

In the unlikely event that we do not receive enough support to complete and distribute the project, we will donate all excess proceeds to “Homes for Our Troops,” a nonprofit charity that assists severely injured service men and women and their immediate families, supplying building materials and professional labor and coordinating the process of building new adapting existing homes with handicapped accessibility.


  1. martialgir says

    If you want to reach 100,000 foreclosed voices, who would gladly give up $1 plus provide more voices, then you need to go to loansafe.org. Whatever you think about Mo Bedard's motivation in the past, this is the website to read about the true story, on a national scale. I am one of those stories and have lost my home so I would love to see something done even if it is past helping me. Please take the time to visit loansafe.org and maybe he will post a link to this story.

  2. MFI-Miami says


    Either you're on Moe's payroll or you have no idea what Moe is all about.


  3. ROBoyle55 says

    Where's the frickin' donation button?? I'm IN. Where do I donate my buck?? :roll:

  4. mandelman says

    You'll find the donation button in the top right corner of Mandelman Matters' home page.

  5. LivingIt2009 says

    Sound off - its a long one :wink:

    I have read and reread the article "How Banks View Loan Modifications". WOW - you are sooo spot on regarding this topic. I am currently in the undesireable position to be towards the tail end of the process, and you called it to the T. I've got to say, the banks did have me for a while. I was frighten, embarrassed, and physically shaken at the prospect of losing my house, trashing my good credit, and morally not paying my mortgage. I lost about 30lbs, was emotionally unavailable to my family, and on the verge of a clinical depression. Good thing I didn’t see my doctor about this or they would have doped me back into submissive numbness and completely screwd me up on some of the most addictive chemicals on the planet.

    For me, my personal finace/mortgage crisis, was really the first time in my life that I truly experienced …fear. So, I started talking to my friends and family, who do care about my well being, and I also began educating myself about what was really going on and how I got into this mess. I can say, that before this crisis really hit me, I had a love for my house, that was relatively unmatched with anything else in my life. That’s pretty sick, when you consider that I have 3 awesome children, all boys 9-12-14 yrs old. It took me quite a while to realize that the fear of losing my house was overshadowing the truly most important things in my life - my children and my health. With that said, I can happily say, that I now have corrected my messed up values, and placed all material things WAY down the ladder of importance to my health, my family, and my friends. So, something good has definitely come out of my crisis, I have moved one step further away from being Shallow Hal, and have realized what is truly important in my life. As the saying goes, no pain…no gain. That, was probaly the biggest lesson for me, but not the only one. I have read, Busted, Foreclosure Nation, the Foreclosure Survival guide and every Nolo book on foreclosure & bankruptcy that is available. I have met with 3 bankruptcy attorneys, a tax accountant, a CCCS- housing counselor, a real Estate Sales Rep, several Mortgage Brokers and the director of HUD housing in NH. I have read literally 100s of web articles on loan modifications, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. I have read about every state and federal program that is on the web. With all of this OCD research, I can absolutely confirm that you are exactly correct in your article - we, the trusting consumer, have been failed by the entire system. We have been victimized by the worst aspect of capitalism…GREED. This next statement may seem a bit "over the top", but I see what has happened here, as the largest assault on the middle class citizen, in US history. Perhaps, this is the wake up call for the entire baby boom generation, that it is time to set aside the veil of the fairy tale, blissful suburbian numbness, that our parents endowed us with. They gave everything to us, and knowing nothing else, we accepted this way of life, as simply the way it is. Well, the wake up call is here now, and like our parents, who in large part, paid attention to what was happening in this country (- that they fought and died for), it is now our turn to grow up and realize that if we do not emerge from our clouded, blissfull suberbian numbness, we will be leaving a legacy to our children where those freedoms that we took for granted, simply evaporate - right along with the middle class.

    OK, enough pontification, about the megatrends, although I have many more thoughts on the subject. Back to dealing with the shame filled, guilt ridden, humilliating mortgage modification process. Lets take a look at where I am on the roller coaster ride of mortgage modification. I am currenty approaching 90days without paying anyone but my utilities and food. I have experienced, first hand, the Banking Industries blows of humiliation, guilt, fear of loss, and embarrassment. I have made the decision to allow my hard earned credit score get ruined. With the incredible guidance from CCCS, I have already received a modification offer from my first mortgage company, and I have the attention of both the first and second mortgage holders. This, in an of itself, is a long way into the journey. However, while the modification proposal from my first mortgage company was decent, it would still have me filing for bankruptcy to strip off the, now, unsecured second mortgage and place me in a 5 year payment plan, that history has shown to have about a 25% success rate. Oh, and guess what, after 5 years, the first mortgage would revert to an interest only ARM. I must really seem stupid to these people. OK, so there is no way, I am going through all of this now, just so I can be back in the same situation in 5 years and not have the possibility of bankruptcy protection. Nice try banks, but you fail to realize that I did see the movie "UP", and now understand the magnitude the the man's statement as his house is floating away, " It's just a house." And there you have it, Life Lesson #1 - The stuff you own, or think you own (even if you don't - like a house that the bank owns), are NEVER as important as the people in your life or your health. And, for all those non believers out there, think again. I prayed to God for guidance on what to do with my messed up mortgage one Sunday morning, and wouldn't you know, my sister asked me to take the kids to this animated movie "UP" that afternoon - well... I got my answer. There's a paradygm shift for ya. The truth here, at least for me, is my life will not end if I lose my house, and I am not a bad person because I made a bad choice one afternoon. I've been through a few refi's and it all seemed the same to me - fill out an app, provide tax returns & pay stubs and the bank will give me a loan because I have reasonably demonstrated that I could pay for it. I was sold the same line of BS that so many of us have heard, by what we thought were professionals, " you shoud be able to refi into a fixed note in a few years", and you will have saved so much with this mortgage by then, you'll be in a great position to do it. Maybe that line held water in 2003, or even as late as 2004, but in December of 2006 - it was a flat out lie. Lets just throw on top of all this, that while I thought my income verification was infact part of my qualification process, I didn’t realize until about a year later that I was actually getting a low doc/ no doc loan - with a brokers slight bending of the truth on the value of the house and what my actual income was versus what my projected income was. Well, that launched me on a fear ride that I had actually, broken the law, for about 6 months. After all, I signed it, right? Yep, from the time I met the broker, to the time I signed all the docs - it was all said and done in less than 5 days. Well, BS, I didn't break the law, and maybe the broker, who walked away with something like a $6,000.00 commission didn't either, but I can say, that what I thought was happening, was certainly not what was actually happening. I'll also say that, at a minimum, the broker and the appraiser, did, infact, know exactly what they were doing. I'll also say, that based on the swiftness of the bank selling off the second mortgage, that they too, knew exacty what was going on, but that is purely speculative ;).

    So, lets chock up another HUGE life lesson, your life can change in an instant. Life Lesson 2 - One bad choice can disrupt life as you know it for a long, long time. I always kind of knew this, but in my 45 years on this planet, I never really appreciated the deep wisdom of that principle. I do now. I now read the fine print, take my time before making important choices, and think hard on what's the worst that could happen if I do something before taking the leap. The truth is, I am normally, by nature, actually, very analytical, but this refi occurred when I was in the middle of the emotional hurricane of a divorce. Life Lesson #3 - don't make BIG decisions when you are already in the middle of a life crisis. - won't do that again.

    So now, I have a first mortgage that made me an unacceptable offer, a second mortgage company that is trying to inflict the pains of the modification process, as the first has already done, and I am now an educated consumer with a big pile of life lessons in my bucket. What now, you may ask. Well, now that I have accepted that my house and my good credit score are simply not worth dieing over, or alienating my family for, AND, I am no longer acting out of FEAR, I am ready to deal with banks. Life Lesson 4 - never base your decisions or actions out of FEAR. I have begun to research, what it would cost me to live in the same town as a renter so that I could really get to my own bottom line for a proposal to the banks. Life lesson 5 - Don't enter into a negotiation before you know what your bottom line is. Life Lesson 6 - Push your emotional attachment to anything material aside and look at you choices as if you were advising a friend. What a wonderful thing experience is - don't you think? So what is my next move. After looking at what it would cost me to live where I want, and taking a serious look at my income and expenses, I now know how much I can afford without being poor for the rest of my life or becoming an indentured servant. There is a liberating statement. Lets do what is best for me, my family, and our future. So, I am going to make a propsal to my banks. I will offer them a deal where they to now have to make a hard choice. Do they accept the fact that the cash cow (Interest only ARM paper), is now dead and settle on less profit, or do they take a big hit to their bottom line and add my home to the anticipated 13 million other foreclosures about to happen over the next few years. I am very ok with their choice either way, because I have my health, my emotional well being, my family, and my will to survive. Another almost trite saying comes to mind, "that which doesn't kill you, simply makes you stronger.

    Feel free to publish that on your site. One of the greatest things in life, is to be understood. Thank you for understanding - and thank you for your site. No-one has spelled out what is going on as well as you have. Outstanding Work !

  6. akcordero says

    I cannot begin to thank you and the Internet for your words. I am so disgusted with this whole joke that I am done with helping people.

    I was on the verge of losing my home after severe budget cuts in the field of Social Work left me unemployed. I reactivated my RE license which i have had since 1989. I worked in RE and whenever possible worked hours recruiting Foster Parents. I went to NACA and every other agency available. I called the AG office and the Division of Banks. Their answer always "try to work with your Lender" or "we cant force the banks to do a loan modification". Needless to say it took me 18 months and Im still fighting HOMEQ for my loan mod.
    Many families in my neighborhood came to me for help because they have known me for over 20 years. I began to help them save their home. The money was not good since it takes anywhere from 3 to 18 months to get the banks to issue a trial loan mod. I juggled and took 60% of my clients to pay me little by little as they could. The State of MASS told people dont pay anyone to help you. Call your lender. Call HOPE. CALL here there but NEVER PAY FOR THIS. Then it became illegal to get paid for my work. So work for free or watch people lose their home!

  7. mandelman says

    akcordero wrote:
    I cannot begin to thank you and the Internet for your words. I am so disgusted with this whole joke that I am done with helping people.

    I was on the verge of losing my home after severe budget cuts in the field of Social Work left me unemployed. I reactivated my RE license which i have had since 1989. I worked in RE and whenever possible worked hours recruiting Foster Parents. I went to NACA and every other agency available. I called the AG office and the Division of Banks. Their answer always "try to work with your Lender" or "we cant force the banks to do a loan modification". Needless to say it took me 18 months and Im still fighting HOMEQ for my loan mod.
    Many families in my neighborhood came to me for help because they have known me for over 20 years. I began to help them save their home. The money was not good since it takes anywhere from 3 to 18 months to get the banks to issue a trial loan mod. I juggled and took 60% of my clients to pay me little by little as they could. The State of MASS told people dont pay anyone to help you. Call your lender. Call HOPE. CALL here there but NEVER PAY FOR THIS. Then it became illegal to get paid for my work. So work for free or watch people lose their home!

    Boy, do I understand... email me at mandelman@mac.com.

  8. LivingIt2009 says

    You are very welcome !!!

    I share your disgust for the Banking Industries response to Americans in need of some consideration. For me, I learned that in dealing with the banks, there is no nice way to go about it. They are going to put people thru the grinder before even considering making any concessions. They will use any tactic to milk the cash cow as long as possible, and they are deluded in their thinking about what is best for their company & their stock hoders. Well, guess what, two can play that game. Check out this U-Tube clip from "Cool Hand Luke" - one of my all time favorite movies. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fuDDqU6n4o . Then, advise all your friends, that there is no middle ground in this fight. It is war, i...It is an assault on common sence, good business, and human rights. It is an attack on the US middle class and what we are fighting here is greed. I was taught at a young age to hate the sin and love the sinner. We are all peolpe, and yes, we do make mistakes. Even the greed mongoring fat cats that have forgotten who they are dealing with - Americans. Slowly but surely, I think that the baby boom middle class will wake up from their blissfull suburbian slumber. They will need to refresh their memory of how this great country was formed, and what the people did to fight oppression. In a word, unity. We must remember who & what we are fighting. For me, the opponent is the financial oligarchy that strategically and systematically infiltrated our political leaders, the entire spectrum of public media, and the entire financial system. See the "Quiet Coup" from the former cheif Economist of the IMF. It would appear that, yes, money does make the world go around, and that money can in fact, make good people do bad things. There is that enemy "Greed" again. It is troubling to see, but dysfunction is born when the head of a system is dysfunctional. For all systems are self preserving entities, and for the individual who is given the choice of doing the right thing, or risk NOT surviviving, most of us would choose to survive. Thats where the "Love the sinner and hate the sin" thing comes in. People are hardly ever the cause of a dysfunctional and broken system, although they are usually the first place that the blame game points. Instead, the foundational structure of the system is generally the source of the problem.

    So what can be done? Well there are several challenges with this problem. #1 in my humble opinion, is getting the truth to the masses. Since the media is constrained by the powerful strings of the financial oligarchy, we need a vehicle that is independent of the ties that are inherent in radio, magazines, TV and news print. Also, and most unfortunately, I suspect that the large majority of our poitical leaders are plugged into the same Oligarchy, and it's influence, which makes any attempt to ASK for help from them, in large part, a colossal waiste of time and energy. There's that Systems Theory again.

    My, oh my, whats a poor boy to do? How did David beat Golliath? How did little 11 yr old Mikey - the smallest kid in his class, stop those two big bullies for bullying him at the bus stap every morning? Welll.....? Be it divine intervention, the knowledge theat good always beats evil, or the fact that he was just pissed off enough to do something about it, he made a powerful decision. " I am not going to stand for this anymore. I am not going to RE-ACT, out of Fear. I am ready to fight to the death.
    Step 1. Make a personal decision that enough is enough, and I am not going to sit by and allow this bullying to occur anymore. Your either all-in, or not in - there is no in-between.
    Step #2. All-in implies, you will no longer play the victim to the biggest enemy - FEAR.
    Step #3. Unite - those of us who are in the fight. There are many out there looking for guidance, and leadership. Lets just say there are a few million homeowners out there that, I believe, woud be eager to have someone tell them the truth, and lead them in the fight. My guess is for a small about of money, we could get a target list of people to contact and invite to the cause. - You may think we already have enough to fight with, via this blog, but I beg to differ. We need a deliberate and specific marketing direct mail, electronic mail, and media blitz to promote the site as the centralized location for communications and plans. We could use Radio to invite even more.
    Step 4. We need a unified strategy that will punch the bully in the face and let him know, we are all in and ready to fight.
    Step 5: Gather the best & brightest talent to help organize, strategize and execute the plan.

    This we can do, this we can win, this we must do. You want a spokes person, here I am !!!!, Let's get the ball rolling, lets just do this - I love a good fight.


    Gus Burke

  9. OccupyYourHome says

    PLEASE read this article http://exm.nr/v8VFLs and then SIGN the petition http://wh.gov/D3J located on the White House's "WE the PEOPLE" website to stop foreclosures on mortgages made to individual homeowners belonging to the bottom 99%. Also, please help this go viral! It needs 150 signatures to be publicly visible on the site, and 25,000 by January 2, 2012 to be guaranteed a response.

    Stopping foreclosures is not a bailout. It is a consumer protection. It can be structured in the form of a forbearance so people don't accrue massive fines, legal fees, and credit problems. Payment on existing debt and interest is postponed, extending the life of the mortgage, and resumed once the person is gainfully employed, or once the person decides for himself to sell (rather than having his home stolen by his mortgage holder). No good can come to a society that throws people hit by hard times on the street. This will make it ever more difficult for people and their families to recover, and then they will become a permanent welfare problem.

    Stop foreclosures on mortgages made to individual homeowners belonging to the bottom 99%.


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